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Coenosium Gardens will not be shipping any plants after filling orders that have already been placed for shipment this October.

The business inventory has been sold to Conifer Kingdom in Oregon.

Conifer Kingdom is a well run, up-and-coming business dealing in conifers and maples. I recommend that my past customers contact them concerning future orders.

I will continue doing wholesale propagation for this winter only.

Visitors to the nursery may still find some things to purchase since I will still be collecting and doing some limited propagation.

Next week I will setup a Coenosium Gardens Facebook page to stay in touch with conifer lovers and copllectors.

Dianne's death took a lot of the pleasure out of the business part of my love for working with conifers.

I will be able to focus on writing my second conifer book and taking care of my gardens.

Thank you to all of you who have dealt with dianne and me through the years since 1979.

My book: Small Conifers For Small Gardens is available on Amazon.com with a reduced list price.








Our site at www.coenosium.com was our first web site. Some of the information has been posted for over ten years. I have decided to make some major changes and redirect it toward my writing. Visit from time to time and observe what is going on with my work in the world of conifer publishing. This site will be devoted to our plant sales and conifer information (plants and gardens).

Bob has self published two books. The one listed below, Small Conifers for Small Gardens, is for sale and is available.

The other book is Dianne and is the story of Bob and Dianne and her battle with cancer. It is available for $20.00 and I will pay the shipping. Read more about this book at www.diannefincham.com.

Earlier shipment can be arrnaged via media mail for $3.00 per book as long as the book is ordered with a plant order and the customer indicates that the earlier shipment is preferred.



Click on the title above and see how many plants we have introduced to the American conifer world in those thirty-three years.


Enjoy your visit and feel free to email comments to Bob at:


Also feel free to telephone Bob at 360-832-8655.




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